*NJRPA and COVID-19*

 NJRPA is closely monitoring the situation and following updates. Please refer to our COVID-19 Page

We encourage all members to follow the recommended protocol of washing hands with soap and water multiple times a day for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer (60%+ alcohol); avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth with hands; staying hydrated; and stay home if you are sick or feeling a bit “under the weather”.

Here’s how the New Jersey Recreation and Park Association is specifically responding:

Over the next 60 days, NJRPA has a limited number of events, the majority of which are less than 50 participants. NJRPA staff and leadership will evaluate events and meetings on a case-by-case basis to determine steps to be taken, e.g. cancel or re-schedule, virtual meetings or event alternatives or proceeding as scheduled.

Assessment of an event status will include consulting with section and district chairs or planning committees, site hosts, attendees, and county/ state health department/CDC for multiple perspectives on the situation.

Should any organizers of NJRPA affiliated events be particularly uncomfortable holding an event, then they should consider cancelling or rescheduling.

Please, be smart and stay safe! 

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Supportive Messages & Helpful Resources for Coping with the Coronavirus Impact -
Generously Submitted by NJRPA Commercial Members

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