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Consignment Tickets

The NJRPA Consignment Ticket program is a member service which can help you and your residents save money on amusement tickets. By purchasing tickets through NJRPA you will help us raise funds for legislative advocacy. The advocacy supported by these funds is vital to the issues important to parks, recreation and conservation. Consider participating in this program for camp trips, resident trips, or for a simple offering to your residents.

How the program works:

  1. You complete the order form and return it to the NJRPA Office.
  2. You will receive your starting quantity of tickets.
  3. Offer the tickets to your residents, or reserve tickets for your programs, charging the price agreed to in the consignment agreement.
  4. Advertise ticket availability for the entertainment venues.
  5. Sell tickets to employees and residents, or purchase for your programs.
  6. Remit payment at the agreed price for tickets sold, monthly if possible.
  7. Order additional tickets as you need.
  8. Return all unsold tickets by certified mail by the date in the agreement.
  9. Payments are to be made by check, money order or official voucher payable to NJRPA.
  10. The final balance due is determined by the total number of tickets you have received minus the number of tickets you return by the due date, and interim payments.

If you have any questions regarding the Consignment Ticket Program please call

Ruth-Ann Bellon, Association Service Coordinator at 609-356-0480.

New Jersey Recreation & Park Association |  1 Wheeler Way  Princeton, NJ 08540

Phone: 609-356-0480 | Fax: 609-356-0475 | Email:

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