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NJRPA Calendar Raffle

4/26The proceeds of the NJRPA Calendar Raffle greatly benefit NJRPA advocacy efforts and the scholarship fund. 

How to Play:
For each raffle ticket purchased, the purchaser will receive an official numbered raffle ticket that will include prize amounts for each day drawn. The purchaser will fill out the bottom portion of the raffle ticket and return it along with payment of $20 per ticket. All forms and payments should be sent to NJRPA 1 Wheeler Way Princeton, NJ 08540. After each draw of the raffle, the winning number is recorded and remains eligible for all subsequent draws. Drawings will take place monthly. Winnings will be posted here on our Calendar Raffle website page.

There will be a total of 65 cash prizes with a total value of $4,100. Cash amounts used in the calendar are based on the sales of at least 300 raffle tickets. If the total number of tickets sold is less than 300, a percentage of the prize amount will be given.

2021 Calendar Raffle 

April Winners 

Date      Ticket Number/Name/Amount

4/1         204/Jessica Cellini/$50

4/2         221/Rosemary Molinaro/$100

4/5         329/Mike Tomaszewski/$50

4/6         15/Ward Lange Jr./$50

4/7         161/Sal Infante/$50

4/8         347/Mike Tomaszewski/$50

4/9         42/Maurren Ames-Borelli/$100

4/12      212/Britton Industries/$50

4/13 13/Andy Mako/$50

4/14 158/Jessica Ward/$50

4/15 272/Brian Sherry/$50

4/16 465/Steve Mallick/$100

4/19 172/Liz Allan/$50

4/20 29/Denise Lange/$50

4/21 500/Carol Adams/$50

4/22 38/Andy Gallo/$50

4/23 8/Steve Craig/$100

4/26 202/Stephen Cellini/$50

4/27 131/Debbie Marchetti/$50

4/28 337/Frank DiNizo/$50

4/29 124/Cindy Veneziano/$50

4/30 98/Marie Harden/$100

5/3 227/Peter Roukis/$50

5/4 81/Samantha Hartman/$50

5/5 104/Rob Nitti/$50

5/6 142/Max Hogan/$50

5/7 431/John Timmons/$100

5/10 354/Ellen Chase/$50

5/11     118/Ashley Keene/$50

5/12     157/Bob Ward/$50

5/13     416/Mary-Ann Mastrogiacomo/$50

5/14     62/Jean Broadbent/$100

5/17     458/Kim Lofgren/$50

5/18     40/Michelle Collins/$50

5/19     458/Kim Lofgren/$50

5/20     468/John Kelly/$50

5/21     376/Don Bogardus Sr/$100

5/24     418/Frank Zechman/$50

5/25     446/Charlie&Debbie Miller/$50

5/26     354/Ellen Chase/$50

5/26     170/Eileen Fredman/$50

5/27     333/Dawn Packan/$100

5/31     498/Debbie Oliver/$250

6/1       413/Jennifer Gander/$50

6/2       350/Linda Johnson/$50

6/3       40/Michele Collins/$50

6/4       434/Genise Snook/$100

6/7       362/Jim Ferratti/$50

6/8       427/Theresa Sullivan/$50

6/9       112/Mariclaire Chesek/$50

6/10     313/Don Burkitt/$50

6/11     469/Mona Cholowinski/$100

6/14     199/Bill Foelsch/$50

6/15     374/Dina Trunzo/$50

6/16     334/Cole B. Carson, III/$50

6/17     494/Barbara Powers/$50

6/18     1/Euri Maya-Kidwell/$100

6/21     415/Amanda Applegate/$50

6/22     389/Lauren Harmer/$50

6/23     53/Rocco Palmieri/$50

6/24     411/Chris Zimmerman/$50

6/25     104/Rob Nitti/$100

6/28     137/Fran Corridon/$50

6/29     321/Alfonso DiCosmo Jr./$50

6/30     23/Lisa Galasso/$50

Thank you to all that have purchased and sold tickets!

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